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Loop Around

Indian Trap X Tyeler Reign Feat. Chris Scholar

Song written by Tyeler Reign, Indian Trap Feat. Chris Scholar


Indian Trap Feat. KresZenzia & Chris Scholar

Check out the new Single released by Indian trap Featuring KresZenzia and Chris Scholar!

Look Like Monayyy

Indian Trap

Song written by New Artists Indian Trap and KresZenzia, Produced by J2

Official Song

FIFA World Cup 2014

A reworked version of the song entitled "La La La (Brazil 2014)" was released on 27 May as the second theme song for the FIFA World Cup 2014. Co-written and produced by J2.

Dare La La La


Song co-written and produced by J2 for Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira from her self-titled tenth studio album Shakira (2014).

King of Hearts


Song co-written and produced by J2 for American singer Cassie.The song is lyrically centered on the theme of seduction. Music critics praised it for the musical structure, many writing that it differs from most dance-pop music on the radio. It was released as Cassie's first official single. 


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