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Jay Singh professionally known as 'J2' is a British Music Producer/Composer and one very versatile music maker.


Whether it's pop, cinematic, hip hop, rock, Epic Trailer music or anything in between, he brings his signature sound to music across all genres. 


Coming from a DJ background, J2 won the prestigious Ministry of Sound - DJ Idol Competition in 2002. Since then he has produced and remixed songs for many reputable artists such as LL Cool J, Beyonce, Pussy Cat Dolls, Cassie. 

Establishing himself well in the pop world and known for his hit single 'Dare La La La' which he cowrote and produced for Shakira's 10th studio Album, going top 10 in most countries world wide. A reworked version was released as an official theme song for the 2014 Fifa World Cup tilted "La La La" Brazil" which features on the 'One Love, One Rhythm' World Cup Album. The song was also featured in a T Mobile commercial and on Shakira's - Activia Commercial, which became the most shared advertisement of 2014.


Since then J2 has entrenched himself in the highly coveted Film and TV Trailer market... his productions can be heard in Movies, Trailers, Video Games, TV Shows, and Advertisements from "Grey's Anatomy, The Hunger Games, Tomorrowland, and Warcraft to name just a few.

J2 has created a brand for his unique renditions and epic productions of modern songs called "The Iconic Series". They have landed in a SuperBowl commercial for the NBC Show "Allegiance" to the Oscar Winning movie Django Unchained with his version of Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave” which was the main title song for the Movie's Trailer.  With the success of his placements J2 has released 6 collectives of “The Iconic Series” albums that can be found on iTunes, Spotify and heavily followed on Shazam.  Not only has he mastered these rendition albums but has further released his original trailer albums which have been a huge success in the Motion Pictures Advertising world. 

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