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Jay Singh professionally known as 'J2' is a British Music Producer/Composer.


Whether it's pop, cinematic, hip hop, rock, Epic Trailer music or anything in between, he brings his signature sound to music across all genres. 


Coming from a DJ background, J2 won the prestigious Ministry of Sound - DJ Idol Competition in 2002. Since then he has produced and remixed songs for many reputable artists such as LL Cool J, Beyonce, Pussy Cat Dolls, Cassie. Powerfully establishing himself in the pop world under the J2 moniker with his hit single "Dare La La La," which he co-wrote and produced for Shakira's 10th studio album, the track debuted in most of the top 10 lists around the globe. A reworked version was released as an official theme song for the 2014 Fifa World Cup tilted "La La La" Brazil" which features on the 'One Love, One Rhythm' World Cup Album. The song was also featured in a T Mobile commercial and on Shakira's - Activia Commercial, which became the most shared advertisement of 2014.

With his uniquely cultivated sound, J2 has created a brand of modern songs called "The Iconic Series." They have landed in a Super Bowl commercial for the NBC Show "Allegiance" to the Oscar Winning movie Django Unchained with his version of Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave” which was the main title song for the Movie's Trailer. With the success of his placements J2 has released 8 collectives of “The Iconic Series” albums that can be found on iTunes, Spotify and heavily followed on Shazam. His songs can be heard in over 250+ movies, trailers, video games, TV Shows, and advertisements and have collectively garnered more than 500 million+ streams across YouTube and all major DSPs.


A musician of great versatility, J2 is also the man behind Indian Trap. Coming from a musical family, Jay was first introduced to music at the age of just seven. His father was one of the first pioneers of Bhangra music in the United Kingdom and both his grandfather and great-grandfather were celebrated Tabla players. Over the past few 18 months Jay, has been focusing on his own unique Indian Trap Mantra album that is an amalgamation of diverse musical influences and draws inspiration from Spirituality, Sound Healing, Hip Hop, Trap Music, World Rhythms, Traditional Indian and Bollywood sounds while combining ancient Sanskrit mantras with classical Indian vocal techniques. Jay has collaborated with award-winning Indian artist S. J. Jananiy who delivers all the amazing vocals on this project. Jay found himself immersed in their profound energies and living by their potent vibrations daily. It's been a life-altering journey, one that's honed his intuition and fostered a deeper relationship with the universe. Throughout this process, Jay delved into studying Indian deities, mantras, and their impact on mental and physical well-being. To Jay, this album is more than just music; it's a healing tool that holds potential benefits for countless individuals worldwide.

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